IELTS Speaking – Describe a science subject that you’re interested in

It’s hard to pick out one science subject but today I’d like to talk about Math. You might wonder why math? Ever since primary school, I have been a fan of Math, I enjoy working with numbers, solving problems by breaking them down into smaller , trackable steps.

I still remember my favorite Math teacher Mr. Hung who is phenomenal at teaching, explaining different ways to solve challenging Math problems in such an engaging manner. He was so passionate and very dedicated in helping us with our homework and various questions that we have.

Another motivation for me to study hard at math was that I had a crush on a boy who was really good at it, so I just wanted him to pay attention to me. My chance finally arrived when there was a math competition at school. I studied really hard and both he and I were chosen to compete on our school team. Because of that, I got to talk to him more.

Nothing came out of it, but my interest in Math remained. Math is so ubiquitous. It is behind everything you do in life, from simple matters such as how much money you need to pay for a month’s rent, to something as complicated as artificial intelligence or Facebook’s algorithms.

Learning and solving different math problems will help you to develop critical thinking and detect patterns that emerge in your workplace or everyday life. As an accountant, Math helps me greatly to deal with numbers everyday. 

pick out one: chọn ra

break them down: chia nhỏ

trackable steps những bước nhỏ có thể kiểm tra được

phenomenal (adj): tuyệt vời

dedicated (adj): tận tuỵ

ubiquitous (adj): khắp mọi nơi

algorithms (n): thuật toán

  1. Do you like science? Yes, I love science. I’m no scientist but I sure do appreciate it a lot. It allows me to know more in-depth about the world around me, why things behave the way that they do. Different branches of science help us explain different areas of life. And, needless to say, because of science, we have TV to watch, cell phones and computers to use.
  2. What science have you studied (or learned)? When I was in high school, I concentrated heavily on math, physics and chemistry. Those subjects are fascinating to me, especially Physics.
  3. Is your work related to science? I guess any job is related to science in some ways. As an accountant, I use math everyday to do my work. Accounting isn’t only about math, but, for instance, is related to interpreting various tax laws.
  4. What’s the most interesting (part of) science to you? I think the most interesting thing about science to me is the curiosity part. You look at the world around you like the wind , the leaves, how things move and you start asking questions why they are behaving the way that they do, and then you start to dig in and you see things are not random, there is a logic and order behind it, and for me as a Christian, when I learn science, I develop this deep sense of appreciation toward God and how creative he is putting and holding the world together

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