IELTS Speaking topic – headphones

1. Do you use headphones?

Yes, I do use headphone quite often. I find it helpful when I’m on public transport such as trains or buses by myself, just to kill the time, or when I’m in a library where there’s a lot of background noise and I try to concentrate, headphones are especially handy in blocking out noise I think.

background noise: tiếng ồn

handy: hữu ích.

block out noise: ngăn ồn

Cấu trúc: I find it helpful

Lưu ý: ở đây các bạn không nên trả lời có hay không mà nên mở ý bằng cách nói lên công dụng của headphone trong đời sống hàng ngày.

2.What type of headphones do you use?

I like the more expensive, high quality types from Apple or Sony. Since it’s an item that I use on a regular basis, I would totally choose a quality product that could last for a long time, otherwise it’s a waste of money. With my current headphone, I have used it for about 3 years now and it still works like a charm. Second, with these kinds of headphones, the sound they produce is just crystal clear. It makes listening to music much more enjoyable for me, so it’s totally worth the investment.

on a regular basis: thường xuyên

work like a charm: hoạt động rất tốt

crystal clear: rõ ràng

4.In what conditions will you not use headphones?

Well, I guess I try not to use it so often unless I have to, like in public transport or coffee shops as I mentioned earlier. When I’m in my room where it’s quiet and relaxing, I enjoy actually listening to music in the background, so there’s not need for me to wear my headphone anymore. I read recent research about how using headphones could result in hearing loss over time so I wouldn’t abuse the use of headphones though.

there’s no need for me to: tôi không cần phải

hearing loss: mất thính lực

over time: qua thời gian

abuse: lạm dụng

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