IELTS speaking – A habit your friend has

Trong video này, mình sẽ cung cấp câu trả lời mẫu để giải đề ielts speaking part 2: Describe a habit that your friend has that you want to develop. Đồng thời, mình cũng sẽ cung cấp list từ vựng IELTS speaking theo chủ đề – Habits and health. Script là list từ được cung cấp phía dưới để bạn tiện tham khảo.

Good habit

  • Exercise in the morning: tập thể dục buổi sáng
  • Drinking water regularly: uống nước thường xuyên
  • Eat 3 meals a day: ăn ngày 3 bữa 
  • Balanced lifestyle: Lối sống cân bằng 

Bad habits 

Food and drink:

  • Excessive consumption of junk food: ăn nhiều đồ ăn vặt 
  • Too much alcohol consumption: uống nhiều rựu
  • Smoking: hút thuốc
  • Lack of water consumption: ít uống nước 
  • Skipping breakfast: bỏ bữa sáng 

Physical activities 

  • Poor posture: tư thế kém
  • Sedentary lifestyle: lối sống ù lì 
  • Watch too much TV: xem quá nhiều TV  


  • Overwork (v): làm việc quá sức  
  • Procrastinate (v)for an exam: trễ nãi trong việc học/ đợi đến phút cuối mới học bài 
  • Stay up late(v): thức khuya  
  • Pull an all nighter (v): học/làm việc thâu đêm 

Adverse impacts of bad habits: 

Harmful for your health in the long run: ảnh hưởng xấu đến sức khoẻ trong tương lai dài  

Fatique (adj): mệt mỏi 

Unproductive (adj): làm việc kém hiệu quả 

Loss of potential and motivation: mất đi tiềm năng và động lực 

illness (n): bệnh tật 

premature aging of the human body: cơ thể lão hoá sớm 

Take a toll on something/ take a toll on my health: ảnh hưởng xấu đến sức khoẻ 

Good habit impacts: 

Alert, awake (adj): tỉnh táo 

Productive (adj): làm việc hiệu quả  

Healthy (adj): khoẻ mạnh 

Motivated (adj): có động lực  

Attractive physically and mentally: hấp dẫn về cả thể chất lẫn tinh thần 

Positively impact others: ảnh hưởng tích cực đến những người khác 


Get rid of bad habits: từ bỏ thói quen xấu 

Form new habits: hình thành thói quen tốt  

Vigilant about our body: cẩn thận/chú ý về cơ thể 

Be surrounded by motivated people: ở gần những người có động lực 

To be disciplined: có kỉ luật 

Don’t give in to bad habits: đừng thả trôi Theo thói quen xấu. 

Describe a habit that your friend has that you want to develop 

Recently, I decided to move out and rent a room with my best friend. My best friend is a very kind and self-disciplined person. We’ve known each other since kindergarten and our friendship is very solid. We have so many things in common. We rented a bedroom with 2 bunk beds and a personal bathroom. The room was fully furnished and quite affordable as well, so  we were both quite happy with it. After a month sharing the room with her we had a few problems actually. I was a night owl, and did most of my work at night and slept during the day. She, on the other hand, had to have a good sleep at night. She also likes to do exercise in the morning and that created a lot of conflicts between us. We both felt frustrated with each other because of our different habits. Needless to say hers is healthy and mine is not. We decided to talk about it and she persuaded me that going to bed early and exercising is actually really good for my health and can improve my productivity, so I decided to make a change. I have been feeling fatique and unproductive for awhile but it’s hard to get rid of a bad habit and I just feel like giving in most of the time. Being surrounded by someone who is healthy, alert like her really gave me a motivation to change. A week ago, I woke up early with her and we went to the park together for morning walk  and also had friendly chat with people in the neighborhood. Not surprisingly, I started feeling refreshed, awake and more productive so I really hope to maintain that habit from now on. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wise which I find to be very true. 

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