IELTS Mock test: Age and technology

Can you tell me your name and what you do?

Hi! my name is Vy, and I’m currently working as an English teacher. I mostly just work from home and I’ve been doing this job for 8 years now.

Are you happy to be at the age you are now?

Yeah, I would say that I’m pretty happy with my age at this point, or you know very comfortable with it. I feel like in my 20s I have to struggle a lot with my career path, with relationships and where I am going to take root and things like that but now things are a little bit more settled. I’m married and I know what I’m doing with my life at the moment so I would say I’m very comfortable and content with the way that my life is right now.Struggle with: đấu tranh với

Take root: cắm rễ, sống lâu dài ở đâu đó

I would say I’m…with…

When you were a child, did you think a lot about the future?

I don’t think I was thinking about my future at all as a child. I was just being a typical child. I enjoy being with my friends, spending time with them, playing with my toys and be curious about the world around me. I don’t think I think about my future until I reached high school but even then I wasn’t thinking about it very seriously either.

A typical child: một đứa trẻ bình thường

Do you think you have changed as you get older?

Yeah I think I have changed quite a bit compared to my 20s. Obviously, appearance- wise, I have acquired more wrinkles and dark spots on my skin. I obviously looked older. Personality-wise, I think I have become less adventurous. When I was younger, I enjoyed you know going to different cities, different countries, and just explored different cultures, learning languages and having this curiosity of exploring the world a little bit more but now that I’m older you know I’m still curious about things but I like to take root and get settled. I enjoy having a structured, ordered life so I think that’s the main difference between my 20s in my 30s.

Compared to: so với

Appearance-wise: nói tới ngoại hình

Personality-wise: nói tới tính cách

Get settled: ổn định

structured, ordered life: một cuộc sống có trật tự

Task 2: Describe a technological tool that you recently purchased.

I’d like to talk about an IPad that I purchased a few months ago. It was during the time when Covid was rampant in the US, so both my husband and I had to teach at home quite a bit. At first, my husband’s school let him borrow their IPad and after using it for awhile, he liked it very much so we decided to purchase one for each of us. I find the IPad to be very efficient in helping me to record videos, design thumbnails or simply just draw or do simple illustrations on a program called Procreate. It functions almost like a small laptop. There are countless things that I could do with it. Anyway, we ordered my iPad on Amazon, it arrived after a week. And after another week of using it, one morning, I woke up and saw a thin line crack from the top right to the bottom left of the screen. I didn’t even drop it or anything so clearly it was a manufacturer’s defect. I did some research online to see if there are similar cases and apparently there are people who have complained about it before too, so needless to say, I just got on the phone with their customers. After a lot of back and forth, they told me that if I have Apple care, then I can replace the IPad for 50 dollars. There wasn’t any other options so I just went ahead to Best Buy and did as they told me. Clearly, I wasn’t happy to pay extra for something that shouldn’t be my responsibility. I dislike Apple in so many ways as a company, but I guess at that point I had no choice but continuing using their product.

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