IELTS speaking theo chủ đề – Weather

1. What type of weather you dislike?

I’m not a fan of cold weather. Luckily HCMC is hot year round. The reason for me to hate cold weather is that it makes me sick all the time. It seems like my immune system is quite weak and it cant fight off the cold or something. Also, another thing is, cold weather makes me lazy. I just feel like staying at home and sleep away the day so I’m just usually not as productive or energized during the winter.

2. What’s the weather like where you live?

The weather in my hometown is changing all the time, it has 4 seasons during one day. In the early morning, it is fairly cool actually. But when the sun comes out, it’s scorching hot like a sauna and very humid too. And then in the evening, it’s very chilly.

3. What do you do when the weather is bad?

Well, if the weather is unpleasant, such as freezing cold or scorching hot, I would rather stay at home, read some of my favourite books with some music in the background instead of going out or I can just simply sleep away the day.

4. What types of weather do you like best?

My favourite type of weather is during the autumn when the air is cool and crisp. The reason I am into autumn is that it is not as hot as in the summer or too cold as in the winter. Besides, I can have a chance to see the leaves changing their colour, from green to yellow or red which is so gorgeous.

5. Would you like to have that type of weather all year round?

If It was possible, I would like to have this weather all year long. Since it is very pleasant and relaxing. I often go to the beach and have a small party with friends there or go hiking to be closer to nature. Also, I feel like I can work more productively than during other seasons such as summer.


not a fan of = I don’t like

year round quanh năm

all the time Suốt, luôn luôn

immune system n. hệ miễn dịch

sleep the day away (n)ngủ hết một ngày để giết thời gian

Muggy (adj)Humid, độ ẩm cao

Chilly (adj)cold, lạnh

Pour (v)Mưa to.

Rain or sunshine (idiom) Bất kể trời mưa hay nắng.

Climate (n.) khí hậu

Average Temperature (n)Nhiệt độ trung bình

Shower (n)mưa rào

drizzle mưa phùn

drought hạn hán

flood lũ lụt

fog sương mù

foggy (adj) có sương mù

meteorologist nhà khí tượng học

overcast (adj) u ám

Precipitation (n.) Lượng mưa

tornado lốc xoáy

scorching (adj) rất nóng

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