IELTS speaking – sports

get together with some friends – (V)Tụ tập với vài người bạn

get fit – (V)Để có dáng người vừa vặn, khỏe mạnh.energize – (v) tiếp thêm sinh lực, làm mạnh mẽ

Playing sports on a daily basis energizes me

hit the gym – (V)đến gymIt’s time to hit the gym, buddy!

physical activity – hoạt động thể chất

Physical activities are important for your body

compete – (v) cạnh tranh

I’d like to compete with others sometimes

challenge – (n) thách thức

It’s a challenge for me to exercise everyday

lose weight – xuống ký/cân

I lost a few pounds last week

stay healthy – giữ sức khoẻ

Exercising is important for you to stay healthy

arena – nhà thi đấu

Phu Tho arena is one of the largest in the country

award – giải thưởng

I won an art award last year and made my parents proud

beat – đánh bại

My team beats his basketball team this year

captain – đội trưởng

As a captain, you need to care for each members of your team

catch – bắtDon’t try to catch the ball, it might hit your eyes

champion – nhà vô địch

Michael Jordan was a three times NBA basketball champion

coach – huấn luyện viên

My football coach has taught me so many valuable lessons

contest – cuộc thi

There’s a sports contest at school this year that I plan to compete in.

court – (n) sân, sân (tennis..)

The football court near my house is fantastic

course – sân

The golf course was full of people this morning due to a golf contest

defend – bảo vệ, phòng vệ

draw – tỉ số hoà

The score was 3-1 after the first half of the game but ended in a 3-3 draw

half-time – nghỉ giữa hiệp

The football players are trying to rest as much as possible during half-time

medal – huy chương

My team won a gold medal last year in a basketball contest

offside – việt vị

Try to avoid the offside position as much as you can please

penalty – (n) hình phạt, khoản tiền phạt

The penalty is serious if you try to cheat

perform – biểu diễn

He performs quite well during the match

performance – hiệu suất

His performance was fantastic last night

pitch – cú ném

The pitch was one of his best ones

record – kỉ lục

He set the record for the third time this year

spectator – khán giả

The area is full of spectators now

sportsmanship – tinh thần thể thao

it’s important for athletes to learn and appreciate sportmanship

strategy – chiến lược

Before the game, we need to discuss about our strategies to defeat our competitor

tie – hoà

The game was tie at the end

tournament – giải đấu

Football tournament will be postponed due to the pandemic

trophy – cúp

he threw the trophy to his team-mate

whistle – huýt sáo

The referee whistled to signal the end of the game

umpire – trọng tài

referee – .n. trọng tài

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